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Thanks to new animations and a smoother sense of flow and mo

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Thanks to new animations and a smoother sense of flow and mo

Messagede Bestmengqin » 08 Jan 2022, 00:53

The decision to go back to the traditional shooting system also allows an increased level of precision and precision while using dribble moves. There were many times the game NBA 2K22 MT did I activate the "Pro Stick" accidentally and only see an unbalanced, unbalanced airball. It's also important to note that alley-oops now require timed button presses to be completed.

Tossing the lob up can be quite easy, however the player who is finishing must click the "shoot" button at least once in the green zone of the meter to hit the ball. Although I'm not sure it's essential however, I do recognize that every task requires a certain degree of precision and skill even if they'ren't particularly difficult during the course of playing.

On the defensive side, the biggest improvement is in the form of a completely redesigned shooting system. I have always felt that blocking in previous NBA 2K titles felt lifeless and ultimately susceptible to chance.

Thanks to new animations and a smoother sense of flow and motion, blocks seem precise and robust adding a sense of robustness to the game's top centres. I'm of the opinion that they were never really portrayed as threats before.

Play with Wilt Chamberlain's Lakers or Bill Russell's Celtics and you'll understand the difference. This sense of accuracy and authenticity also extends to 2K MT PS4 mid-air fights, because players within the ring appear more natural when they move.
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