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Introduction on the difference concerning Chinese two Newport 100s Cigarettes times - Far east branch in addition to Gold side

Zhonghua (Gold with branch) in addition to Zhonghua (double with branch) are part of the group of Central in addition to Central China and taiwan, they develop the same attributes, different forms and various functions. For being specific, the goods has these characteristics connected with comfortable full satisfaction and firm balance connected with medium smoking cigarettes, but this positioning, taste in addition to packaging won't be the same. Today I'll introduce this difference between the two of these kinds connected with cigarettes.

1. Solution positioning

Zhonghua (Golden Wholesale Newport Cigarettes In USA Branch)

Excessive - conclude middle: branch merchandise, manual appearance, scarce production

China (Both Far east and Far east branches)

Choice - degree products, two times - tooth cavity integration, maintain fragrance.

Around the price, I do believe you really should understand the item

2. Flavoring characteristics

Zhonghua (Jinzhongzhi) besides brings flavoring satisfaction, but inherits this classic flavoring of Zhonghua model; Zhonghua (double heart branch) works by using "protect embellish to defend fragrance" technological know-how to identify comfortable emotion more.

3. Appearance

Zhonghua Wholesale Cigarettes Store(Jinzhongzhi) works by using 20 waste manual area open appearance; Zhonghua (double heart branch) works by using 20 two times aluminum offer hard pack clamshell form, with this function connected with "keep moistening in addition to keep fragrance".

The change and commonness on the packaging connected with "Zhongzhi" solution series: identical features, different forms and various functions.